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  1. Hello, I'm currently attempting to repair a friend's HP desktop due to constant hanging and failure to run just about anything useful. I have read extensively on various scenarios and come to the conclusion that system file corruption and/or malware is the culprit. No success running sfc without getting "Windows resource protection cannot perform the requested operation" error. I have attempted all the known fixes I could find on the web with no success. So I moved on to trying to create a Windows 10 .iso with Windows Media Creator. Same version and architecture as my laptop. Used Rufus to create a bootable flash drive and tried booting it up on the target PC. Success in loading the OS but never got the option to install it. It's like I'm simply dual booting. Further reading suggest that the media I created was with install.esd file extension and possibly the target computer OS has the install.wim extension. Does anyone know how one might go about replacing the .wim with the .esd file? Note: accessing anything from the desktop on the target computer is not an option. (Not Responding). So the command prompt in recovery is the method I would assume i needed assistance with. Or if there is another method to possibly fix corrupted system files while removing malware out there I'm totally all for giving it a go. Thank you in advance for reading this.