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  1. Thanks. I was back in the US and took the opportunity to create a boot USB and re-installed the English version of Windows 10. There was something really troubling about the pre-installed version, I kept getting this Chinese pop-up with skimpily dressed dancing girls etc. When not connected to wifi, pop-up had no ads, wh en connected, many ads. Ran McAfee and Malwarebytes, couldn't get rid of that pop-up. Now, after installing the English version, I don't have the pop-up and I feel much better. I would like a deep scan of the laptop, wondering where to get that. See for yourself.
  2. My old Dell overheated in China and died. I bought a new laptop with a Chinese version of Windows 10 pre-installed. When I start Windows10, it keeps asking me to "activate windows". Also, Windows display message and warnings in Chinese. Is there anyway I can switch completely back to the English version??