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  1. No, I don't have a line that says "press any key". From the beginning, for each script, I entered both the code AND the generated output. I prefixed each section with "##" and separated them with "--------", to make it more easily identifiable, but apparently it wasn't. The script itself ends just before the "--------". The PAUSE instruction is responsible for the output line "Press any key to continue . . .", but that is my choice. ## script_name This is the script code itself and it ENDS HERE. --------------------------------- ## Output This is the generated OUTPUT, so one
  2. Hi GaryFin In the example above, I named both scripts as follows: Main script . . . . .: Start.bat Secondary script: Teams.bat So that line in the main script calls the secondary one, which, in turn, opens MS Teams (without hanging). Cheers, tao
  3. Hi Gary See my reply to Paulus. Mostly, I kept my main script the same, with all the programs I want started. But instead of trying to start Teams directly, the main script now calls another script which, in turn, starts Teams. Hope it helps.
  4. Hi Paulus, I discovered that it was possible to launch Teams using cmd IF the window closed before the dump occurred (go figure!). For instance, if it closes immediately after starting Teams, i.e, no other commands nor PAUSE are given afterwards. After several tries, I've managed a rather convoluted solution, using 2 batch scripts. Main script: ## Start.bat ECHO Starting Microsoft Teams START "" /B "Teams.bat" PAUSE --------------------------------- ## Output Starting Microsoft Teams Press any key to continue . . . Secondary script: ## Teams.bat CMD /C START "" "C:\U
  5. Are there any news on this? I can't find anything remotely related anywhere else. tao
  6. Same here. I made a small batch file to open several programs when I arrive at work. One of them is Microsoft Teams. It started returning this precise error when I changed from the web app to the desktop app. Before (no errors): ## Start.bat ECHO Starting Microsoft Edge - Teams Web App START "" /B microsoft-edge: PAUSE ## Output Starting Microsoft Edge - Teams Web App Press any key to continue . . . After (error "MaxListenersExceededWarning"): ## Start.bat ECHO Starting Microsoft Teams START "" /B "C:\Users\T\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\current\Teams.exe" PAUSE ## Out
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