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  1. This is the issue that the feedback link above is all about.... On the last few builds of Windows 10 I have been having an issue with MS Photos tagging feature. In the "People" Tab I used to have 30-35 tagged People with hundreds of photos associated with each person. ( I take a lot of pics of my family and friends) After my computer had an issue I did a clean install of Win 10 and now for some reason only about 12 people show up in the "People" Tab as tagged and on those people only about 4 to 5 photos show that they are associated with each person. I still have the same photos as before my clean install. I posted the issue on Windows 10 Community and was told to uninstall Photos app with Powershell command which I did. I re-installed the Photos app and then used Powershell to re-register the app. Still having same issue. Thanks in advance.