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  1. My grandson has a PC running Windows 10 and was running out of hard drive space.  I purchased a 1 TB HDD  and installed it in his PC. That shows properly in both device manager and disk manager as a 1 TB NTFS Drive (left it as a single partition). However, the HDD  that was installed in the PC originally is a 3 TB HDD.  it shows up in device manager as an Intel Raid array.  Disk manager shows it has been configured with 4 partitions with all four of them being healthy: a 256 MB partition, a 447 GB partition (boot drive and OS), a 440 MB partition, and a 446 Gb partition (extra drive). It does not show any more additional usable space and will not let me expand any of the partitions. Is there any way to gain access to the other 2 TB on the HDD?