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  1. Once I turned off the raid array and reinstalled Windows 10, all was well. Both the 3 TB and the 1 TB HDDs were there and were in disk manager. PC is now operating normally. Thanks to all for the help
  2. My grandson has a PC running Windows 10 and was running out of hard drive space. I purchased a 1 TB HDD and installed it in his PC. That shows properly in both device manager and disk manager as a 1 TB NTFS Drive (left it as a single partition). However, the HDD that was installed in the PC originally is a 3 TB HDD. it shows up in device manager as an Intel Raid array. Disk manager shows it has been configured with 4 partitions with all four of them being healthy: a 256 MB partition, a 447 GB partition (boot drive and OS), a 440 MB partition, and a 446 Gb partition (extra drive). It does
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