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  1. Hello. I have got some help about fullscreen settings. I have got a tablet with Windows 10 (Acer One 10), which have got micro hdmi connector. I have got an older monitor, which only have vga slot. I ordered a convert cable. It works fine. But some games not working correctly. For example, this: http://downloadgames.pogo.com/games/zuma-deluxe https://archive.org/details/ZumaDeluxe This program has full-screen mode. (800x600). The monitor have 1280x1024. When I conect VGA-to-VGA the full screen works. But MicroHDMI-to-VGA the full screen look like a black screen frame, and a little 800x600 game in the center. I tried the screen settings and screen resolutions both in Windows and The Intel HD Graphic software. There are plenty of searches behind me, but I can't find solution. When I set the Windows resolution to 800x600 and start the game It changes to 1280x1024, black frame, little game. Has anyone ever with this problem? What is the solution, over than the general settings? How can i force to change the stretch with the resolution?
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