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  1. My issue has been solved,.. Thanks...
  2. Well, here goes... On my 64-bit Pavillion dv7 lap-top which was upgraded to Windows 10 ages ago, Yesterday when shutting down I had a "shutdown and update" option on my screen so of course I clicked on it and expected the laptop to shut down after about 15 minutes or so. Instead the laptop was still running after about an hour and was still showing "preparing your update please do not switch off" but of course I wanted to go to sleep and shut it down. I realise this was probably unwise however in the morning I switched on my machine and everything seemed fine, I did a few bits like checking email etc. then shut down normally and went to work. I came home and switched on again and was able to login but when that screen went to go into windows 10 desktop it sort of flashed but the screen went black. I have been about 2 hours using the all the information I can find but cannot even get the screen to appear when starting up in safe mode. What I can see while viewing the black screen is the task manager which is illuminated and presented in the normal way. I can see my cursor on the screen but cannot get right-click menu to appear either. I have absolutely no idea what has happened, I have also tried Repair feature but the message says "cannot repair your computer". I do not really want to have to re-install the OS at this time either, there must be something I can do to be able to see something? I have tried system restore way back to an update in mid December but that hasn't done anything either. I cannot get to the device manager to check the graphic card driver or disable it. I think I have mentioned everything, Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I have a strange issue since time I have installed Windows 10. I use my computer for my work and I'm not using internet connection. However when I connected (happened to me 2 times) some update happened and after that many apps stopped working. I have to reinstalled them. Some of them were working but all the registration has been removed. Some software work. All the software can't be found in the start menu. If I type a name of an application it says "no result found..." but I can find the software in application folder. But new reinstalled software can't be found in start menu.. Sorry for my english. Hope you understand
  4. My issue has been solved,...
  5. My issue has been solved,,,...
  6. Hello,,, After upgrading my Lumia720 to device battery drains so fastly in an hour 15 minutes from 100 to zero. When it is completely zero I need to sit at touch continuously for 10 minutes to get 1% why? Plzzz help me,,...Asap
  7. Hello everyone... Hi, does anyone know where mail is storing emails locally or, more importantly, how to change the default storage location? It seems it's on the 😄 drive but not in the same place that WIndows 8 was using. You would think it would be an easy settings change but I certainly don't see it anywhere. I need to change the location as I am running an SSD as my 😄 drive and so I need to conserve space. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello,, Another Windows release, another alpha version launched to production systems. It seems Windows 10 is the forever unstable Windows edition. Office is closely following the bug train model as well... Thank you,...
  9. Hello everyone, I went to my Windows 10 laptop this morning, squiggled the mouse, and the screen stayed black. Kept trying multiple times, then turned it off and restarted. It must have been in the middle of an update because it came back with the dotted circle going around and the error message "Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation." When I hit Enter it comes back up with the same message. I'm not a tech geek so I'm hoping there's a simple fix. I Googled it and got a lot of stuff about ISO files, all of which seems to start in the middle. Frankly it's been so long since I had a severe problem like this that I don't even remember how get to the startup menu or if that's even part of the procedure anymore... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    I need help with Gmail

    My issue has been solved,... GoToMeeting IrfanView Town of Salem
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    Problem of network after upgrading

    My issue has been solved,.. Watch Movies Online CyberGhost ExpressVPN
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    I need help with Gmail

    Hello,, Can not access my Gmail account. Keep getting error message to fix Gmail account. The name and password entered are correct, Followed all suggestion I could find. I have no idea what the problem is. Any help appreciated.