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  1. My issue has been solved,....
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    My issue has been solved....
  3. My issue has been solved......
  4. My issue has been solved,..
  5. Hello everyone.,, I'm wanting to switch from my Note 8 to a Windows phone. I don't know anything about what's available right now, but the bigger the screen the better. Any recommendations? Also, I don't really ever use desktop Windows, how important is the phone's integration with the full OS?... Plzzz Suggest me asap....
  6. Hello, I am looking for a screenshot programme that captures/can do the following to take screengrabs of a website on an hourly basis: Can time when I want to take a screenshot (every hour - 24 hours/365 days) Will automatically scroll from the top of the page to the bottom (capturing whole page) Can easily put in a formula of what the filename should be (so it would automatically add the time and date that it captured) Works easily with either Firefox or Chrome I tried one but it didn't have those options.
  7. Hello everyone,, I've seen many complaints about network shares no longer working properly since the 1803 update (Win 10 1803 PCs can't see each other and can't access network shares via File Explorer). Apparently Microsoft is aware and has issued the following temporary solution here. Unfortunately and surprisingly, the latest update KB4284848 still does not fix this pretty major bug. Let's hope they get this patched up soon.
  8. Hi all, I would like to format a laptop but the windows came with pre-installed win 8 and could not get the product key from the service centre neither the reseller. Appreciate that you guys can guide me to retrieve the product key from the laptop. If i would like to install win 10 after format, can I use the win 8 product key for activation? I understand that microsoft has stopped the free upgrade of win 10 and previously i use the default product key provided by microsoft in their website but it turned my windows 10 to an inactivated versi´╗┐on... Let me know ASAP.,,,,
  9. OK, so Microsoft broke / removed local network sharing in 1803. What are the alternatives? What do you guys use to share files in local network? My girlfriend just resorted to running a python http server in a folder she wanted to share. Yes it works but it requires command line tinkering, it's desperate. Is there a solution (preferably free and not Microsoft's) that integrates with file explorer etc.? To Microsofties that hang around here: Are you going to fix it? If not, can't you just be frank and admit that local sharing is going, along with HomeGroup?
  10. So I bought a new laptop for working purposes mostly -designing (illustrator/photoshop) and video editing)- its a I5 Dell with 8gb RAM Windows 10 x64. I want to make the most of it while taking care of it. Im concerned for the battery life and the temperature, because well... my old laptop has that kind of problems (the battery is dead and the fancooler sounds like chewbacca). What programs would you recommend -in general- as a must-have on a Win 10 laptop? (I mean, productivity stuff, antiviruses, video players, and everything that you have to install on every laptop that you've had) I want to make a good start, anything would be helpful. Pd: I've been installing CCleaner, the adobe suite, MPC-HC, Chrome, 7zip, Core temp, MusicBee, Media Go.
  11. Hello everyone,,, I work with a ton of large data files, and was just transferring a ton of them to a new laptop. "Weird" i think, noticing my internet was suddenly super slow. Then i notice the OneDrive icon with the little sync arrows running in the toolbar, and think "oh" -- yep, sure enough OneDrive was trying to upload several tb of data. So, I go to cancel the sync, only to realize that the most i'm allowed to do is pause the sync for 24 hours. . Then I try to just turn off syncing for the Desktop, because who the fuck wants OneDrive to try to sync every time you move shit around your desktop? And it's like buried in the settings where to do this. So i turn it off and then go back to my desktop, and all the data i had just transferred there is gone. Microsoft? All that's left is a half-uploaded folder in OneDrive. So now I have to transfer everything over again, and I'm left wondering if I've actually got all of this OneDrive retardation turned off or if i'll be stuck transferring data yet again. It's absolutely mind-boggling that someone thought "here's an idea, if someone tries to turn off OneDrive mid-sync, lets delete all the data on his PC and let him rely on whatever-they made it to OneDrive beforehand!"
  12. Hello everyone,, I have two Windows 10 Home PC's plugged into the same router. I've been sharing files and printers in my home office for years, but all of a sudden, neither computer can see the other on the network, or even itself. Both have sharing enabled and are able to access the internet through the router. Besides the two PC's with Windows 10 Home, I also have a laptop with Windows 10 Professional. My laptop can see and access files and printers on all 3 computers listed on the network. With the removal of Homegroup capabilities from Windows 10, is there a recommended way to set up file and printer sharing? if it matters, the router is a Linksys Archer C7. I have tried disabling the firewalls temporarily.
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    Internet Explorer of Windows 10

    My issue has been solved.,,,,