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  1. Hi I’m using OneDrive and when I go away, I sign out of OneDrive so that my files would not be visible to anyone if my PC were stolen. However, I now find that when I view the files in Windows Explorer it shows my files in the OneDrive folder (Documents) but also shows the identical files under My PC (Documents) so that even though the OneDrive folder is not visible when I sign out, they are in ‘My PC’ Documents. I’m sure that originally, it only showed the files in the OneDrive folder and I’m thinking that I have inadvertently allowed it to be duplicated in some way when signing back in. Can someone help me with this please? I’m using windows 10. Thanks
  2. Hi, Looking at windows 10 backup there is two options file history and system image. I understand what they both do but is it usual to have both file backup and system image on the same external drive? Thanks
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