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    Laptop is Hanging - Windows 10
  2. Hello, We have purchased 30 laptops newly running with Windows 10 Enterprise build version 1803. The laptop is freezing in some point for about 1-2 minutes when we are accessing the system files. Moreover, it is hanging too much for the users those who are using the Excel files. The end users are really upset with the performance, as the laptop is with high-end configuration. The laptops are with high-end configuration (Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8650U CPU @ 1.90GHz / 16GB RAM / SSD M.2 PCIe NVMe 512GB SED). While accessing the system files like my computer -> manage options and network adapter properties, there is no response until the next restart sometimes. Please let me know if anyone facing the issue with latest version of windows and help me to solve the problem. Thanks & Regards,
  3. barryflash2727

    Will not shut down
  4. barryflash2727

    Will not shut down

    On an older Win 10 Pro machine. We cannot shut it down by using the Power button -> shut down. The machine always re starts. Is this a hardware issue or O/S issue?
  5. barryflash2727

    Pixel distortion after hibernation
  6. Hello there, I've come across a really weird issue, that i don't seem to have any idea on how to solve. The issue can be found on 2/100 of my users PC's, and so far only related to Desktops. Issue: When putting the PC to sleep, waking it up afterwards will cause one screen (dual monitor setup) to have pixel distortion, imagine efter second horizontal pixel is distorted about 1-4 pixels left/right, making the image look really messed up, and causing text to be a pain in the a** to read. Reconnecting monitors with power off/up doesn't have any effect, and so far, the only option the users have is to reboot their system. I THINK the issue might be related to Displayport / Windows, as the monitors screwing up are all connected through Displayport. This may sound like an Nvidia Driver issue, but one of the users kept on with an old version for 1 year before this problem occured, and it seems to have some connection to Windows 1803, as the issue first have been reported after that update. If any of you out there knows how to fix this issue, i would reallppreciate if you could guide me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  7. barryflash2727

    Windows Pro i7 USB Port Not Working
  8. I plugged an iPhone 7 into the USB port and nothing happened. Usually when I plug it in iTunes launches. I have the machine in a docking station and have a powered USB hub connected to the docking station. I plugged the iPhone into the hub and it was recognized and iTunes launched. How do I troubleshoot this?
  9. barryflash2727

    USB not Recognized USB not Recognized
  10. All, I have a Surface pro and HP laptops which has Windows 10 1607 version installed. When ever i close the laptop lid, it goes in to sleep mode in 15 mins. After that if i open the laptop and connect USB. It says not recognized. It gets resolved only after restarting the machine.Tried uninstalling the USB driver, restarted and then reinstalled. But this issue occurs specifically on Surface Pro/HP laptops. Can anyone advice on how to proceed further please