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    Laptop is Hanging - Windows 10
  2. Ok, I want to start this post saying I am heated but trying not to let it get to me as to make an informative and purposeful post. This evening I updated to Windows version 1809. I had heard from a friend that they added a night theme and a couple other features i was excited about. I finished the update and restarted my PC. Upon arriving at the desktop i quickly realized that several files and programs were missing. I grabbed a cold beer in anticipation of the rage to follow. Programs like Spotify and Discord were gone (no big deal, re downloaded) but i also found that all of my Rainmeter skins and files were COMPLETELY gone, along with EVERYTHING FROM PICTURES AND DOCUMENTS. The pictures and skins i have mostly been able to find and download again, however, I had several school papers i was working on that are gone. I also lost some very sentimental documents. This is unacceptable! I made sure my drives were set up right to make sure this wasn't my error for some reason. Microsoft, if your update has some issues and is not ready to be launched, YOU NEED TO FUCKING FIX THAT, this is unacceptable and could (if not already) result in some serious problems for other users. INSTALL THIS UPDATE AT YOUR OWN RISK BUT I WOULD RECOMMEND AVOIDING IT FOR NOW.
  4. So long story short, a random power outage in the neighborhood happened for a minute and when power went back on, the internet was down and out (very unsurprising since this isn't the first time this exact thing has happened). Here is the problem: The ISP company told me they were aware of an internet service outage in the area and when the company gave me confirmation that the problem in the area was fixed, all devices in the home could connect to internet AND browse it except the Windows 10 Laptops (mine and another person's). The Windows 10 devices can detect and successfully connect to the wifi modem/router BUT they each behave as if there is zero Megabit transfer going to them. Mind you the laptops have always had an inexplicably volatile and slower throughput, Mbit transfer, etc. But now it's zero. Just no access to the data being pulsed out by the router at all even though there is a secure and successful connection to the wifi's SSID itself....... Clearly the electrical power outage exacerbated some existing difficulty the Windows 10 devices had with utilizing our wifi (desktop and phones have always, before and now, had pretty much 100% access to our 5Mbit service while the laptops would only get half that or even 1.5Mbit connections)...... P.S. yes I have called the ISP and did my due diligence and all the basic troubleshooting and the like. The end result was that from the company's side, everything looks as it should and they even reset the modem/router remotely just for good measure, but the problem remains. Seems like it is clearly on my end of the problem where something is amiss, but I don't know what is causing this really......
  5. sherloc987

    Windows 10 laptop won't connect to Wi-Fi

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  6. My ASUS R515MA laptop recently stopped connecting to Wi-Fi and demands I connect to ethernet. I have tried updating drivers but it didn't do anything. Please help