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  1. Thanks for the information, but that didn't help. I have an e-mail account set up in Outlook. I want Outlook to be my default email app, not Windows Live Mail. Currently when I try to send a Word docx, or Excel doc. or even a pdf. the Windows Live Mail opens instead of Outlook. Windows 10 Settings has Outlook set as the default email so why is Windows Live Mail opening? Any ideas? Thanks
  2. I am using Word 2016 and Outlook, both are MS Office 360 programs. I want Word and Excel to default to Outlook when sending e-mail from Word and Excel. However when I click the "email" or "share" button Windows Live Mail opens, not Outlook. I have made Outlook the default app for e-mail and in "File Type and protocol Associations Outlook is set for .eml and MAILTO. Still Windows Live Mail opens. I can't find anything to address this issue for Windows 10 Pro, version 1803. Can anyone help?
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