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    Word 2016 and Outlook

    Thanks for the information, but that didn't help. I have an e-mail account set up in Outlook. I want Outlook to be my default email app, not Windows Live Mail. Currently when I try to send a Word docx, or Excel doc. or even a pdf. the Windows Live Mail opens instead of Outlook. Windows 10 Settings has Outlook set as the default email so why is Windows Live Mail opening? Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Jfitz

    Word 2016 and Outlook

    I am using Word 2016 and Outlook, both are MS Office 360 programs. I want Word and Excel to default to Outlook when sending e-mail from Word and Excel. However when I click the "email" or "share" button Windows Live Mail opens, not Outlook. I have made Outlook the default app for e-mail and in "File Type and protocol Associations Outlook is set for .eml and MAILTO. Still Windows Live Mail opens. I can't find anything to address this issue for Windows 10 Pro, version 1803. Can anyone help?