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  1. Wilsondrake

    VPN Deals (Black Friday)

    Well I have seen a lot of websites offering similar VPN providers and their similar discounts. The lists varies from 70 to even 100 providers loll. Most common vpn discounts and coupons are: ExpressVPN NordVPN PureVPN CyberGhost VPN However coming across https://www.kodivpn.co/black-friday-vpn-deals/ I only found 47 providers with emphasis on only the best discounts for top 10 VPN providers.
  2. Since tips and tricks is archived, I have come across from microsoft support How to remove the activation watermark in the desktop? Open Notepad. Type these following commands: @echo off taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe explorer.exe exit Save as Activation.bat Locate the it in your file manager. Right-clickand select Run as administrator. Restart PC. I am not that of a windows expert, has anyone tried it? can you let me know the results.
  3. Wilsondrake

    Shutting Down Windows 10 is Much Easier than 8

    Hey not working for me?
  4. Wilsondrake

    Latest Windows Update!

    The latest update has hurt my laptop quite bad, its getting heat up and also crashing quite a lot, any help please?
  5. Wilsondrake

    How to tell if a laptop is Modern before the purchase