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  1. jaisonwhitekar

    Transmission failure?!?!

    my issue has been sovled!
  2. have an '06 Frontier with the weird dead ABS issue. I have been looking for a new pump for months (model 47660-ZP00A on the original pump in the truck). I had to resort to getting a used one off ebay. Took it into my local Dealership and their guys replace it and now my brake lights are stuck on. I thought it was the brake light switch but after testing I found that it's fine. I am still looking around for other possible issues.
  3. jaisonwhitekar

    Transmission failure?!?!

    I drive a 2014 Nissan Altima. Was on the way back from Memphis TN. My cruise control shut down, and started revving at 5000 rpm going 70, all the while it was jerking sporadically. Eventually came to a town and at the first stop light it died. Was 2 and a half hours from home and had to get towed to a town an hour and a half away from where live. My car has 59,000 miles, has anyone experienced anything similar with such low mileage? Are the CVT transmissions just junk?? TIA
  4. jaisonwhitekar

    USB issues after update

    my issue has been solved!!
  5. jaisonwhitekar

    Can't get the 1809 - KB4471332 update.

    my isssue has been solved!!
  6. When I download the update from the catalog, it tells me "The update is not applicable to your computer". I made sure that I was downloading the x64 patch. Still a no go. I thought maybe they pulled the update again maybe, but since its still in the catalogue, I assume that can't actually be the case. So anyone able to help me out with this? I assume if I build a media install I can do it that way, but looking for maybe other options before I get back home.
  7. jaisonwhitekar

    USB issues after update

    A few days ago an update has been installed on my pc and since then i started to experience light mouse stutters here and there until the point where all usb gets messed up and start to disconnect and reconnect continuously remaining in this condition until i hard reset the pc. Before posting here i tried to search about it with no success...I've a desktop with the p8p67m-pro + i5 2500k. I had no problem until the update and the drivers are the default ones since there is no official drivers for that mb on asus website.
  8. jaisonwhitekar

    Notifications not showing, and no notification sound

    my issue has been solved!!
  9. jaisonwhitekar

    Is there no way to choose user before booting into one?

    my issue has been solved!!
  10. jaisonwhitekar

    Logo and File names help

    my issue has been solved!!
  11. I don't get any sound when I get notifications, and when I expand notifications it's empty. However the notification icon does turn white when I have a notification, but no sound, and I can't see the notification itself. Notification icon turning white Clicking on the notification icon, but it's empty Windows 10 Pro Version 1809 OS build 17763.168 I didn't have this problem before I clean installed version 1809. I believe I used version 1803 before. The whole notification task is pretty glitchy. Sometimes when I click on it, it will open on the left side for a second until it shifts over to the right side where it belongs.
  12. I made user accounts for my whole family that uses the computer, but whenever I turn on the computer it directly logs into the last one used. I tried to uncheck the "Use my credentials to complete tasks after restart" or what is it called in English version, but it still login to the last user. I tried to look online, but could only find old threads asking similar questions. Does anyone know how to set it up so it works like in Windows 7 and later? Thanks in advance
  13. jaisonwhitekar

    Logo and File names help

    sooooo I just got al shiny new laptop, and have paid for my Office 365 subscription. Now whenever I try to save a Word doc, it creates horrible mess of just "File"s, file types of ":ms-resource:Strings/FtaDisplayName.pptx/.docx/xlsx etc" as well as missing Word, Excel, Powerpoint icons. And also, apparently the WINWORD.exe in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.Office.Des isn't the same Word as the one in my taskbar, my start menu, and used to open any word document, as evidenced by the fact I have two "Word"s to open a file with. (when I right click -> open with, it gives me two options: a Word with a thumbnail but the program doesn't open, and a Word with a broken thumbnail but opening program but definitely not working as intended)
  14. my issue has been solved!!