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  1. jaisonwhitekar

    How do I change antivirus provider?

    my issue has been solved!!
  2. Hey, I have a problem with Windows Defender that makes certain programs slow down by an extreme amount, therefore I have always used a 3rd party antivirus (Malwarebytes) Problem is that after the latest update Windows Defender turns itself automatically back on instead of letting Malwarebytes being the main antivirus provider. How can I fix this?
  3. jaisonwhitekar

    MPC-HC Buffer in RTMP feeds, can this be changed?

    my issue has been solved!!!
  4. Hi guys, not sure I can explain this very well given my IT ineptitude but I'll give it a go anyway.... I'm using MPC-HC to stream an RTMP feed I've sniffed from a website. The site in question streams live sport and I find that playing the stream through MPC is ever so slightly quicker than the feed when viewed through a browser. Latency is critical because I'm using the stream to place bets on the events in-play. The browser feed is almost exactly 5 seconds behind real time. Now what I've discovered is when I speed up the feed through MPC 2x or 4x it will fast forward to a point that is approximately 3 seconds ahead of the browser feed. Doesn't sound like much but this would be AMAZING if it was a constant feed but herein lies my issue. So basically when I pull out my ethernet cable the feed continues to run for ~3 seconds which along with my observations indicates that the stream provider has a buffer of 3000ms or so. Now what happens when I speed up the playback it gets 3 seconds ahead of the browser feed, stalls for 3 seconds then repeats ad nauseum. For a microsecond I have the most recent frame displayed but as the stream stalls for 3 seconds, it's next to useless unless it coincidentally happens at a pivotal moment. So what I'm asking is, is it possible to adjust the buffer so that there is next to no buffer or a minimal amount, 500ms etc? I don't care if the feed quality suffers, it can stutter and do whatever funky things as it wants as long as I have close enough to the most recent frame displayed as possible at all times (as opposed to a frame that occurred 3 seconds ago). I strongly suspect that what I'm asking may not be possible (if anyone can even understand my jibberish) but I know that for a moment in time, I can get an image that is 3 seconds ahead of what the general public sees so I can only dream! Thanks!!
  5. Both Gears of War and Forza 3 randomly showed up as having a problem. When I hit repair, Windows said they needed to be reinstalled, so I went to reinstall them. They instantly fail with the message above. I get the same message with anything I try to install from the store. I'm on 1803. I've tried resetting the store cache (WSReset). And Microsoft wonders why we hate this fucking dumpster fire they call a store. I have never had trouble reinstalling games in Steam in 15 years of using the platform. I've had to reinstall both Forza 3 and Gears of War multiple times since getting them because of strange problems that crop up, usually after major OS updates. It's been three goddamn years and nothing has gotten any better. I'm never buying a game on the store again. Maybe if Microsoft didn't go through with their genius plan to fire all their QA staff a while back this might actually be usable. /rant
  6. jaisonwhitekar

    What windows 10 home can provide?

    my issue has been solved!!
  7. Windows 10 downloaded KB4467694 & KB4467702 last night so come the morning I restarted to install the updates. After logging in my laptop would connect to the wireless network as usual but after about a minute it would lose Internet connection. If left by itself, Windows would try to reconnect but never succeed. I could manually reconnect to the wireless network (sometimes disabling and re-enabling the wireless adapter itself) to regain Internet but again for only a minute before the cycle would start again. Ethernet connection always worked fine. I uninstalled both KB4467694 & KB4467702 and my wireless connection seems to be back to normal. I've turned off the Windows Update service in the hopes of preventing updates (is this method full-proof?) Has anyone else experienced this? My laptop is an ASUS Zenbook UX303L.
  8. hello guys , did windows 10 Home will help me to install some neccasary features such as Visual C++ from 2008 to 2012(whatever it required) , Direct X and some stuff like this? I heard that Pro will do it , but it is so much expensive than home. I mean for my current situation.
  9. jaisonwhitekar

    Having to Boot PC Twice

    my issue has been solved!!
  10. jaisonwhitekar

    Random freezes and BSOD with 1803

    my issue has been solved !!
  11. Hello guys, my PC randomly freezes or blue-screens, no matter what I do. The only thing I can do when that happens is holding down the power button, for my PC wouldn't do something else after it froze. Some BSOD errors I got were: System thread exception not handled Kernal security check failure and one other I can remember I already tried a clean install of windows, using Windows standard drivers, using manufacturer driver, checking my ssd, checking system files, checking ram, checking drivers and probably many more things that I can't remember right now. I'm still experiencing this and even I even had that with the new (1809 or something?) build. I'm getting sick of this, especially because there seems to be no reason as to why that happens. It just happens on random. I hope someone knows a fix, thanks in advance
  12. jaisonwhitekar

    Having to Boot PC Twice

    So recently for whatever reason I have to boot my PC up twice, the first time nothing pops up, I feel Windows is not on but I’d be able to open apps still and function regularly, I did the whole “disable fast startup” thing and it didn’t change a thing. Anyone got a solution?
  13. jaisonwhitekar

    Weird Win 10 1803 bug.

    my issue has been solved!