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  1. Running Windows 10 Home x64 Version 1803Last Cumulative Update KB4462919 installed on 10/10/2018Ever since I installed the above cumulative update my Windows Mail app has started to not work with my g-mail accounts. They no longer will download new mail and when I try to sync one it comes up with a sync error. If I click on the sync error symbol it gives me a window titled "Attention Required" with the two options of Change Mailbox Sync Settings or Delete Account.I tried to see if there was any thing in the sync settings that might be wrong but it all looked good to me. I then deleted one of my G-Mail accounts and tried to add it back again. After adding it back in it just says Creating Account and never does anything, I let it run all night thinking it might be downloading all my e-mails but in the morning it was still creating account, I killed it. I just checked and the only e-mail account that still works is my Hotmail account, my yahoo accounts and my comcast account do not work either.I am going to try one thing while I wait for a response. Seeing as windows mail does not seem to work anymore I am going to uninstall the app and then reinstall it and see if I can get my e-mail accounts to work again. If not I will be looking for a new e-mail client.see screen shot for what I am seeing when I try to sync an account other than Hotmail.