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  1. Hi Folks: So I think I have tried everything I can think of. Basics: Intel i7 X 990 running on a EVGA X58 SLI3 mobo w/ 16 gB RAM. Video is an EVGA GT 740 FTW Everything on 1709 build was running fine. But ever since I finally let an upgrade to 1803 go thru, I've lost my secondary monitor. Device manager check indicates a Code 43. Purged the driver and updated, no go. Ran DDU to revert back to basic driver (w/o secondary display). Re-installed the most updated driver ... no-go. Checked for update mobo BIOS .... it's current to last release. Checked for updated video firmware ..... no issues. Reverted to 1709 and viola! Secondary monitor comes back to life! Overlooked that MS would eventually FORCE 1803 update and now lost secondary display. Checked for updated driver and installed (sans GeForce Experience and as fresh install), no-go. Ran DDU and re-installed most current nVidia driver (sans GeForce Experience and as fresh install), no-go. Reverting back to 1709 from a much older backup will just put me right back where I started from. Any thoughts? Did something fundamentally change with 1803 that accounts for this sudden loss of vNvidia capability? If this is already discussed in another thread, I'd appreciate a re-direct so that I can review. Thanks!