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  1. My 2017 Samsung Windows 10 laptop computer went to black, and as far as I can tell, shut itself down - although to be honest, I'm not sure that it shut down or was just hung. I was able to reboot it, and here I am but... I was working on stuff and it was uber inconvenient, plus... worried that it's a THING that will take me down again and again if I don't figure it out. I read a bunch of trouble-shooting sites online, but none of the reasons seemed to "fit" with what I'm doing. Not installing, no external display, no extra hardware, no recent updates (to my knowledge), no weird behavior before or after. Went into Safe Mode, but couldn't figure out what I was looking for. Anyway, long and short, I had maybe 10 tabs open in Chrome, was drafting a personal bio statement in Word, and then *POOF* black. I don't run anything more taxing than the occasional Netflix show. Any suggestions?