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  1. So, I put in my password on the login page and it tells me incorrect password. So, I'm stuck on the login screen. And, any time I try to bypass it, I have to put in my password to which was last used 3 years ago. This is the administrator's email that keeps popping up promoting me for the password I don't have. I can't even reset to default. What do I do? Help!
  2. long story-sorry-I opened an email account about 3 years ago: had it about 2 weeks and then I changed the email to I logged in ever since then it shows both emails when I click on login then I click on kept seeing pop-up here and there and I want to delete it from my laptop but I don't know how-fast forward-I had an email issue and called protonmail customer support-they wanted to make sure the issue was not related to my pc-my laptop-they had me do some things-one of them was to do a msconfig in the run start bar bottom left screen-I restarted my laptop-put in my password-nada-did it 4 more times-locked out-this has never happened to me-so I say ok I go online on YouTube and I do the safe mode or whatever and get all these boxes like I do the shift/restart thing on the login page, click troubleshoot, click advanced options, and I get these boxes: system restore, go back to the previous version, system image recovery, startup repair, command prompt, startup settings and UEFI firmware settings. One guy says do the safety mode thing in startup settings-long story short I click on any of these options and they want your password to your email-know what email they put up? Yep, you guessed it: I have no idea what that password is-I have the recent password of how do I get past the login wall? Please help!