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    Laptop Performance on Battery

    Has anyone studied the performance of a mobile computer while running on Battery ? I have done some test and I can see responsiveness and performance differences across various laptops when running performance oriented benchmarks on battery. Should the performance on battery be the same as the performance on AC
  2. Paul.Review.2020

    How to tell if a laptop is Modern before the purchase

    How many folks care about the ability of a PC to have Instant On, like your cell phone ?
  3. I wish Best Buy's website and others would allow me to select which laptops are considered "Modern". I went to my local store and asked but they did not have an answer at all. The community suggested a Microsoft website so I was able to find this information: To modern connected standby, a PC hardware platform must meet a specific set of requirements. These requirements govern the selection of the SoC chip, DRAM, networking device, and other key hardware components. Enabling modern standby on a PC platform requires careful planning and engineering. The primary reason for additional engineering is to deliver the low power consumption that the end user expects when the system is in a sleep state and the screen is turned off. Users will not tolerate excessive battery drain, particularly relative to the very good battery life of most smartphones. The second largest engineering investment for modern standby is to enable low-power communications (Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, and Ethernet). Each communications device includes a significant amount of autonomous processing capability and firmware to allow the platform's SoC or core silicon to power off while connectivity is maintained.
  4. Paul.Review.2020

    Next Win10 release Modern Standby ONLY?

    Has anyone else heard that Microsoft is transitioning the OS to be Modern Standby only, starting with the next Redstone Release ?