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  1. When I try to go to my email I get a Microsoft/Outlook ad screen before I can see my email. I have to click on 'sign in' or 'create free account' before I can see my email. How do I get rid of it permanently? My email is Hotmail and I get it thru outlook mail (outlook.live.com) and I use Microsoft edge. This screen does not require that I sign in, I have to click on 'sign in' or 'create free account' and then I can read my emails. It is a Microsoft/Outlook 'ad' for outlook free account and/or office 365. I have conversed with outlook.com and Microsoft help. I have signed out, deleted the link in favorites, signed in again and saved again to favorites. The screen goes away for about 12 hrs and then it's back again. I have tested getting my email on Google Chrome and I don't have this problem there - no Microsoft/Outlook ad screen in Chrome. I have always had 'keep me signed in'. The issue is not that I am not signed in. Once I click on 'sign in' on the Microsoft/Outlook ad screen, I don't have to input my ID & password - the screen goes away and I have my email. The problem is that in Microsoft Edge the Microsoft/Outlook ad screen is always there when I go to access my email before I can see my email. I downloaded a screen shot of what is the problem.... Microsoft Outlook ad screen pict.doc