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  1. I hope I don't jinx myself here but I have an update on my problem. I contacted Microsoft for help and they started a remote session with me. The tech tried to reinstall w10 on my system. He even noted that my warning to him was correct and my system was painfully slow. It took all night to download and most of the next day to try and install. At 85% installed it failed. I rebooted the system and decided to run check disk on my drives. No errors were found, no bad sectors, only parsed files. Upon reboot after check I noticed things were faster. My system is now working like before the kb4100403 update. I checked and saw that kb4284835 had been installed. Things are now back to normal. Hope it stays this way. Maybe this will help anyone else who may be having similar problems.
  2. Hi Brian. As I mentioned in my reply to cajon 1, I tried to do an uninstall of the update but when my computer restarted it installed that update again. I read an article that said that w10 by default does not create restore points and he was right so I turned that on. My previous version of windows that I was using was Vista. Don't really want to go back to that as it is unsupported. I guess that because the update was downloaded already that it just reinstalled again.
  3. Hey cajon 1. At this point I have to agree with you that this version is junk. I tried doing an uninstall of kb4100403 to see if that update was really the problem but windows just installed it again at restart. I found an article online from a reporter from Forbes that said his source at Microsoft said that they have received a lot of problems with this update which was pushed out faster than normal and they are working on another update that they hope to push out soon. Hope it fixes my problem and comes out soon.
  4. Don't know if this will work or not but have you tried to bring up windows in safe mode?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion richboy162. My problem there is that I haven't worked in 6 years and can't afford a new computer at this time. I did a full install of W10 from Vista. Maybe in the near future when my social security kicks I in a couple of months. Working in IT for 30+ years some of it doing system builds and maintenance I know that some updates cause new problems. As stated in my post W10 was running fine until the last update. Checking the system event logs I found errors about policy and authorization. Do you know if they made policy changes in the update? Thanks for any help.
  6. Hello, don't know if this has been covered but I have a problem. After W10 downloaded and installed update kb4100403 my system has become almost unusable. Immediately after the update my system became extremely slow, I had problems with WIFI, my anti virus apps and the icons on the task bar and desktop frequently go away and come back. Has anyone one else seen this behavior? I have an old computer but it was running fine before the update occurred. I have done some research but haven't found my particular problem. Can anyone help me get back to a reasonable running system? Thanks.