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  1. It got fixed on my computer after i went back to an earlier version of the Geforce Nvidia driver. But now I have the very latest one, and it also works for me. So maybe try an earlier or the latest driver from Geforce. It was a very specific one that caused the problems for me.
  2. I have a lot of drive space and the files are not that big. The weird thing is that after I did a reinstall of Windows via Media creation tool, I was able to trim again. But then after some time, I get the 0-byte-trims again. I have tried to uninstall Photos and even after uninstall there are still 2 maps in the map Windowsapps, called Microsoft.Windows.Photos and the one of them contains the program Microsoft.Photos, isn´t that weird? I uninstalled via Powershell adm. There were originally 4 maps, but now 2, after uninstall. I attach a pic of the Windows Logbook showing the error, when I try to trim.
  3. I have used the Windows photos-app for a long time, for trimming my videos, but it no longer works. I have tried to write and call Microsoft, but they couldn´t help at all, which was very dissapointing. The guy in the phone didn´t really know anything, and asked to help me Google the problem. I trim the video as i have always done, using the photos app, and click on SAve as or Save a copy, but it just saves a 0-byte size file/trim, every time. So what can I do about it? I am running Windows 10. I really hope someone can help me. Usually the videos I trim are MP¤ and the saved 0-bytes trims are always MP4. Another weird thing is that the Photos app seems to be 0 bytes of size as well, when I go into see the specifications(see picture) Also on one of the pictures you can see the grey bar that usually gets filled out as the trim is saved, but that never happens anymore, it stays grey.