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  1. Michele

    Edge will not boot up fully

    Thanks Robwin, Steve K. and all. I finally got rid of Rapport and Edge now works again. Shame on IBM! At least 1 year ago I had the installation of Rapport recommended by my bank. I installed it and it messed things up. I removed it and I reported it to my bank and also told them they shouldn't make recommendations without first checking them out and that they should inform their source (IBM) not to propose such products. Now it got installed again on my computer - I don't know how - and it wasted many hours of my time. Maybe I should sue IBM for my loss of time and frustration! Thanks again guys!
  2. Michele

    Edge will not boot up fully

    I hope that solves the problem Steve but now can you tell me how to get rid of Rapport. I've tried to execute Uninstall/Change in Control Panel but it doesn't do it. Thanks