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  1. I have what might be an old flat screen monitor but to me it's the newest type I've ever had. I wanted to be able to watch Youtube on tv in the kitchen tv and learned that you can go DVI to HDMI to the tv and did get that to work with the original monitor still plugged into whatever it is. But it changed the resolution or something and all the icons got small and it said they became small icons instead of medium which is how they had been and how I want them. Doing some of the things people suggest like on the desk top right click, personalize, display, windows key + P, duplicate finally did work and that's what got so I could see the computer on the tv and still also on the original monitor though now the icons had all been made small. Trying to get over that problem I went the route suggested here: where some people are actually able to see both display devices as 1 and 2 but of course things don't go that way for me and I could only see one thing I believe it may have represented itself as 112. Whatever it called itself there was only the one item show so somehow I clicked on an option to show only the monitor and the monitor immedietly went black and said it had no signal. The tv still had a signal though but I couldn't work with that yet because I have a USB mouse instead of wireless. When I unplug the tv the monitor suddenly has a signal and works again. I plan to bring home a wireless USB mouse and after disabling the monitor by plugging the tv back in try to work out some way of getting back to where I was for a short while when both the monitor and tv worked and were a duplicate. Can anyone suggest the best way to do that and if it's possible to somehow see both displays as different individuals and maybe even get the original monitor to show medium icons and let the tv show whatever icons it wants to....I just want to watch Youtube sometimes while I'm getting dinner ready. Thank you for any help! David ME, USA
  2. I stupidly moved instead of copied about 50 GB of videos and documents to an external hard drive. Everything was in one folder and I just moved it and went away from the computer for an hour or so figuring it would take a while. When I tried to look and make sure everything went alright some things opened up fine and others didn't respond at all and seemed to lock everything down. So I tried moving them back to the computer hard drive with similar results. I posted about this a week or so ago but since then have had some luck getting back about 20 GB by moving them back to the computer hard drive pretty much one at a time. Some of them would work and do fine. Others would seem to be working and then get so far along with the process and quit working. Some of them don't even try but instead everything seems to lock up and that blue circle thing goes around and around until I finally disconnect the external drive. During one attempt and only one of many attempts so far it gave the message: "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error". Since then I haven't tried anything else but in looking at a few things about that message get the idea that maybe the files that don't respond got corrupted or something because I moved them incorrectly and maybe there is something that can clean things up on that external hard drive? When I check the properties on it it says it still has over 30 GB which would be right because what I moved was over 50 GB. So the info is probably still on there but messed up and maybe there's a way to fix it, or at least some of it? Here is information about my computer and the external drive if that can help tell anyone anything: :Windows 10 Pro version 1903 OS build 18362.720 Installed RAM 12.0 GB (11.8 GB usable)Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30 GHz64-bit operating system, x64-based processorFile system: NTFS Used space: 170 GB Free space: 61.6 GBWDC WD2502ABYS-18B7A0 Disk drivesBaseBoard Manufacturer LENOVO Version Win8 Pro DPK TPG On the external hard drive it says: 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD External Case USB3. 0 Support 3TB it also has a list of things on the back, here are some of them: 1. During format process, our hard disk will choose exFAT automatically as default efficient format. Please DO NOT select NTFS manually, this format is not supported by our hard disk, will cause disk crash. 3. QC Passed, Hard Disk Formatted already before packing & shipping, there is no need to reformat when first use. 2. Only Data Storage, Read & Write is supported on MAC OS, formatting is not supported on MAC OS otherwise it will damage the disk. 4. Special attention to our products (partitions are not supported), partitioning will cause damage to the hard disk. For safer and longer service life, use it directly as one independent partition.I didn't try formatting or anything and it didn't say anything about it itself. Some people have suggested it's a PC trying to read MAC formatting or something like that or the cord it bad. But it's not something that is having a negative influence on everything on the drive, only on about 70% or so. Thank you for any help! David USA
  3. In Windows 10 I've been making documents with pictures in them using Word Pad. In all other versions of Windows I've used, doing that method would paste the picture where I want it either by Ctrl+V or or right clicking and Paste. But in this Windows 10 version it almost always puts the picture one line below where I try to put it, so I arrow down, hit the Home key and back space. Then when I put a picture beside it again it puts it a line below so I arrow down, hit the Home key and back space. And then the next picture it puts it a line below..... I know how to select line spacing in the paragraph section, uncheck the annoying: Add 10pt space after paragraphs, and select 1.0 instead of 1.15 but that doesn't fix the problem with pasting in pictures. Is there a way to get it to put the picture on the line I select instead of on the line below? Also is there a way to make the default setting to not add the 10pt space... and the spacing to be 1.0 instead of 1.15? Thank you for any help with this! David
  4. buy for one PC for $130: Office 365 Home $100 / year Office 365 Personal $70 / year Office Home & Student 2019 $150:
  5. Can you just get Excel for Windows 10 without out all of the other stuff that comes with Office?
  6. Still trying to find out how and getting convinced it's not possible. It was easy in XP. Why do they deliberately make things worse? That's what I'm trying to find out now. Maybe a Google search of that question would provide the answer...
  7. The desktop works fine for me. Is there a way to get folder icons to be the size and to behave like the desktop icons?
  8. In the old days you could go to any folder and select Help and it would tell you "About Windows" and you could bring up the start menu, right click on My Computer, select Properties... (that's all just basic stuff about trying to figure out exactly what version...) Now I'm trying to learn about Windows 10 and would like to be able to have small icons in all folders since the new medium icons are so much bigger than "Icons" used to be, and just align them to grid so they can be placed wherever I want to put them. Is that impossible with Windows 10? Or is there some simple way of arranging them the way we want to that I've been too stupid to figure out? When I select small icons it puts them in 2 verticle rows and I want them placed horizontally so I can move them wherever I want to and just have them snap to the grid. And have it that way in all folders. Is that too much to ask of Windows 10? Thank you for any help with this! David