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  1. In Windows 10 I've been making documents with pictures in them using Word Pad. In all other versions of Windows I've used, doing that method would paste the picture where I want it either by Ctrl+V or or right clicking and Paste. But in this Windows 10 version it almost always puts the picture one line below where I try to put it, so I arrow down, hit the Home key and back space. Then when I put a picture beside it again it puts it a line below so I arrow down, hit the Home key and back space. And then the next picture it puts it a line below..... I know how to select line spacing in the paragraph section, uncheck the annoying: Add 10pt space after paragraphs, and select 1.0 instead of 1.15 but that doesn't fix the problem with pasting in pictures. Is there a way to get it to put the picture on the line I select instead of on the line below? Also is there a way to make the default setting to not add the 10pt space... and the spacing to be 1.0 instead of 1.15? Thank you for any help with this! David
  2. buy for one PC for $130: Office 365 Home $100 / year Office 365 Personal $70 / year Office Home & Student 2019 $150:
  3. Can you just get Excel for Windows 10 without out all of the other stuff that comes with Office?
  4. Still trying to find out how and getting convinced it's not possible. It was easy in XP. Why do they deliberately make things worse? That's what I'm trying to find out now. Maybe a Google search of that question would provide the answer...
  5. The desktop works fine for me. Is there a way to get folder icons to be the size and to behave like the desktop icons?
  6. In the old days you could go to any folder and select Help and it would tell you "About Windows" and you could bring up the start menu, right click on My Computer, select Properties... (that's all just basic stuff about trying to figure out exactly what version...) Now I'm trying to learn about Windows 10 and would like to be able to have small icons in all folders since the new medium icons are so much bigger than "Icons" used to be, and just align them to grid so they can be placed wherever I want to put them. Is that impossible with Windows 10? Or is there some simple way of arranging them the way we want to that I've been too stupid to figure out? When I select small icons it puts them in 2 verticle rows and I want them placed horizontally so I can move them wherever I want to and just have them snap to the grid. And have it that way in all folders. Is that too much to ask of Windows 10? Thank you for any help with this! David