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  1. Update: I've disabled App Readiness and it works just fine! Yet, I can't click anything on my taskbar still. The Windows button, wifi, power, volume, clock, etc won't let me click it at all. Any fix for this? ;;
  2. Hello! I recently installed the newest Windows 10 update but whenever I login onto my laptop, it goes through the process and then goes to a black screen with a cursor that I can move on it. I've tried restarting the laptop several times, each time not working at all. I don't want to resort to a system restore of any kind. I heard about disabling App Readiness but I'm concerned that if I do so, it'd cause more issues. I also heard about changing App Readiness from Automatic to Manual, yet it's already in manual mode. The only way that I can access a browser currently is by opening up Task Manager, running a new program and typing in chrome.exe to open this up. However, both my home screen and taskbar aren't showing up. I've also let the laptop stay on the black screen after logging in for around 20 minutes which did absolutely nothing. After the update, I also encountered an issue to where I couldn't click anything on the taskbar besides my pinned programs (chrome, explorer, etc.) and Cortana. I could not click on the windows home button or any of the ones on the very right side from the default taskbar. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I just don't want to do a system restore or alter any files of any sort. Thank you!