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  1. Nothing but a black screen. I found someone to take a look at it. They managed to salvage the hard drive. They went through every trick they knew, but couldn't get it to come back. The hard drive was taken out and given to me to get all my things off it, then wiped. Ended up having to get a new computer. @Steve K.
  2. Not sure how this even happened, but, we had to unplug our computer to install a new surge protector. (One of the really nice ones they recommend) All that was done was, computer was turned off, unplugged, re plugged back into surge protector. Went to start it back up, computer goes on, the monitor flashes it’s usual, then goes to black with the flashing underscore. I tried all the troubleshooting things I could find on the web, YouTube, etc... can’t figure it out. My last resort is a total reboot. But (haha of course) my backup disk is no where to be found. Tried to go in through the ESC startup menu to make a new system recovery file/disk, and everything I use, tells me it’s incompatible or not enough space (which is bs). So now what? I’m at a loss and quite frankly, exhausted. I’ve been at this for 7+ hours and my brain is fried. If anyone out there can Help me in anyway, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.