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  1. Hi standardtrickyness, You could use the tricks found here : https://merabheja.com/windows-10-advance-search-tricks-cheatsheet/ or http://www.cistel.com/blog/top-10-file-searching-tips/ or make use of Google search to find other methods or programs.. Your search query : advanced search in windows 10 The sky is the limit ....................... Lots of questions like that can be done via G search..
  2. Hi Pathogen2008, I had something similar happen after I increased the partition . This is on a quadruple boot (multi boot drive) - Partition letter changed from L to K. The way I solved this, was to use a bootable CD,DVD or USB drive with a partitioning program, so I could work outside Windows. In the program I removed the drive letters from the changed partitions and afterwards restored the drive letter to the "L' partition Took out the bootable media and rebooted - For me this worked like a charm. If you have a less complicated setup, you may well do this in 2 passes : 1 ,remove drive letter on the X drive. Let it complete - Then reselect that same partition and now choose a drive letter again, C should be avaiable.. Let this also complete . When finished, reboot.. Hope this helps..
  3. Hi standardtrickyness, Is that the case with all extensions or just with the one you chose ? You happen to pick the ones of MS Access which are hidden by default - ( NeverShowExt ) why? ask Microsoft...... Pls check this article : https://www.nccgroup.trust/uk/about-us/newsroom-and-events/blogs/2014/may/the-case-of-the-missing-file-extensions/