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  1. a point to consider is that MS are withdrawing support and security patches for older operating systems. for details see
  2. could also install a well known app called C-Cleaner which can remove temp internet files, cookies and any programmed you don't need etc. hope it helps..
  3. Piriform ( who make c.cleaner ), have a useful recovery app called Reccuva which may be of help...good luck !
  4. for large updates, I suggest you go to power settings ( click on battery symbol on sys tray bottom right ) and change sleep setting when on mains power, to " never " this will prevent sleep setting interfering with update processes.
  5. you could also try Ninite on this is a useful multi-installer which installs latest versions and without bloatware. If you wish, you can install either open office or Libreoffice as full office suite of tools compatible with MS Office.
  6. suggest you first visit your PC manufacturer website support pages to check compatibility and update drivers. if there is a help assistant app, you may get updated drivers there. next I suggest you run windows update troubleshooter and apply any fixes, re.boot and run update again.
  7. you will be able to see version and build number by right click on start button, select run, the in the box type ..winver ( windows version )
  8. HP have recently upgraded their Help Assistant app, suggest you download and apply any updates it recommends, this should make it compatible with win 10. Then run win10 troubleshooter applying all fixes, re-boot and check for updates.