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  1. Hello folks,I am a windows insider and the last build completely screwed up my computer. The screen kept flashing so fast that it could not load the login wallpaper.Having had this problem with WI before, I am quite fastidious in making windows system images and as I had only done it two days before the problem, I thought all would be well. It wasn'tHaving gone through the whole windows repair sequences, I could not get my machine back to the previous build. The error message that I got was that the backup that I had made was incompatible with the drive firmware even though I had backed up to another drive on the same machine.I reformatted the C drive in disk part to clean it and finally loaded a clean copy of Win 10. However, it is imperative that I can recover my old files and apps as some of them are irreplaceable including my medication regime for chronic lung disease.I know that the information is still there as I can load it onto a virtual drive.What I would like to know is can I copy those files across to my C drive and then manually load all of the .reg files that I can find on the backup and will they need to be manually placed in the appropriate folder as listed in explorer or will they automatically go to the right place?I am sorry that this post is somewhat long winded but I really do need to recover these files and hope that someone can help me.