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  1. same issue here @ pastorjohn, hope it is resolved soon.
  2. Thanks for the reply, i did some further reading and it seems as though all tech preview testers have to do is update their os before the preview expires. Not sure but i hope there's a real update since i can't go back to windows 8
  3. i was just reading online where it says i will have to upgrade my computer when the tech preview end son april 15 later this year... does this mean my computer will be totally useless after april 15???? can someone shed some light on this for me? #worried
  4. I am happy to report the keyboard has been working so far however the caps lock and num lock light indicator dont wont but that's not too much of an issue but thanks though.
  5. Since installing build 990,1 i have realised the lights of caps lock and num lock doesn't seem to work but worse is that i cant use my keyboard except for my onscreen keyboard on my Lenovo G510 touch. any help?
  6. I love it... i just wanna try out the new builds though as i'm not getting and update for build 9841.
  7. not seeing any update for built 9841 after numerous checks, any help?