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  1. I created an image backup of my windows 10 system on an external drive. It worked fine but in the process the previous back up was erased. Is there a way to keep more than one image backup on the disk? Thanks, Gerard
  2. Using systems default my PC enters sleep mode after 30 minutes. Also by default the hard drive setting time is 20 minutes. To my limited knowledge I believed that when the computer enters in sleep mode the hard drive is turned off. Should I change my sleeping mode setting to 20 minutes? What is the computer actually doing during the 10 minutes where the hard drive is off but the PC has not yet entered the sleep mode. Thanks Gerard
  3. Thank you for your help. I had to do a system reset to fix the problem. It took me a couple of hours but now everything is back to normal (I keep my fingers cross). However I will keep your valuable info for future need (I hope no). Gerard
  4. What is the difference between the disk error checking tool in windows 10 (right click on the drive then select properties then tool) and the sfc tool. I ran the windows checking tool and it gave me a no error diagnostic. When I ran sfc I got the message stating that some errors were found and cannot be fixed. If sfc is diagnostic is right is there an easy solution to fix the errors that cannot be fixed by sfc. I am a little shy and reluctant playing with my system it presently works ( as long as I use the sleep and hibernates mode instead of the restart and shut down modes) and I do not w
  5. My computer restarted automatically this morning. Since it was outside of the active hours I thought that Microsoft was installing updates. I have checked on my update list and no new updates were presents. What have cause the restart, any ideas? Thanks Gerard
  6. Thank you Brian I believe the error message states System Service Exception (ndis.sys)
  7. I got a recurrent problem, quite often windows 10 doen not load (blue screem) after a shut down or a restart. I have to do a system restore and it worked perfectly. I presume it is a conflict between windows and an application I download and needed (McAfee, Roxio,...) To avoid this problem I use the sleep and hibernate modes. So far my computer works perfectly. I am a little concerned by the fact that computer needs to reboot from time to time to do a little housekeeping. But how often I need to reboot? I also know that Microsoft will reboot my computer after the updates. Gerard
  8. My computer an ASUS M32 BF operates using Windows 10. It is only one month old. A week ago a noticed that the Disc Space Usage for system protection keeps increasing at a rate of 200 MB a day even if no new restore points are created. Maximum disc space for that was set at 15% of the disc space (approximately 24 GB). Is that normal? What happens when the ??maximum is reached? Windows state that older point will be removed. If for example I have 5 restore points when the maximum is reached I will have only 4 left. But if the disc space keeps increasing and the maximum is reached again o
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