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  1. Hello! I'm currently in serious need of some help with my Windows 10 PC. I have searched for answers to my problems but it always leads to another error or issue. If anyone has any answers to whats going on below please let me know! Randomly my PC decided to freeze up completely. I could not move the mouse and nothing was changing on the screen. After around 30 minutes of waiting for it to hopefully unfreeze, nothing happened. I decided it was long enough and used the restart button on my PC to hopefully fix the freeze. It did fix the freeze but brought many more issues. After the restart audio has stopped working, the windows button and search button on the taskbar no longer work and right clicking the desktop and selecting Display Settings/Personalize brings up an error box below. Right Clicking the Desktop and selecting Display Settings/Personalize Audio Icon along with Troubleshooting and cannot select default playback/recording devices Trying to Left/Right Click the Start Menu and Search Button If you have any ideas or questions please ask! Thanks for anyone who tries to help.