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  1. Guys I was previously facing issues where I could download any game from windows 10 store like If I click on it and it was kinda locked whilst I was downloading other apps just fine.. anyways I found out few errors in windows registry and some other shit and I formatted the entire hdd and did clean installation of windows 10.. Now the following problem I am facing.. 1- windows store opens and so is the dialogue box of downloading any game, however, it keeps on downloading and never finishes e.g asphalt 8 has a size of roughly around 2.1gb and my download went on like on 2.3 gb and I got frustrated and canceled it 2- whenever I download any other app it does show that blue shaded line ( graphical representation of data downloaded) but in case of game it only shows the speed and amount in number but no blue shaded line I have done: 1- troubleshooting 2- wsreset 2- checked in services whether windows services is on and set to automatic.. I am totally paranoid right now as there is no such offline mode to install this freaky game like good ole days... I will really appreciate if there's any work around here