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  1. I have Windows 10 home edition running on a desktop computer with no touch screen. I am not able to display the “Users and Groups” option in Computer Management because I have the home edition. I had previously created a local user called “pauladmin” which I have been using for many months. Recently, about 2 weeks ago, I created a Microsoft account on this computer and sometime after this process, the user “pauladmin” stopped being displayed on the sign-in screen and is not listed under Control Panel àUser accounts àManage Accounts. The user still exists because there is a folder in c:\users\pauladmin in the system drive and I am unable to re-create this account – I get the message “Please type a different user name”. An attempt to activate the account completes OK as follows: C:\WINDOWS\system32>net user pauladmin /active:yes The command completed successfully. I have activated the special account “administrator” but it does not appear on the sign-in screen either. Is there any way to make the users visible on the sign-in screen so I can login to them?
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