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  1. My old laptop has a 20 GB OneDrive folder synced to my OneDrive account. I have just purchased a new laptop and want advice as to the simplest way to sync it to my cloud account (and discard my old laptop after scrubbing all it's HDD content). For example, can I use an ethernet connection to copy the OneDrive folder from my old laptop to my new laptop, then install the OneDrive app on my new laptop (for subsequent syncing)? I want to take every precaution that I don't lose any files currently in my OneDrive cloud account. Thanks in advance for any advice! Art
  2. Just bought new Dell All-In-One and immediately upgraded to Win10, but my Start Screen is not set up right. Instructions say, "Right click on open area in Taskbar and choose 'Properties'", but when I try that I get a dialog box with only three tabs, and no "Start Menu". Mine looks like this: So how do I correct this? Thanks.