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  1. Hello, Wonder what happened to the thread with all the discussions on trying to get Aero back into windows properly...Had hoped to reference it later if MS decides NOT to do it (there were many bits of advice on 3rd party vendors, although they often seem to stop working with updates). Still awaiting an interface that I like and can live with, along with an easy way to do away with any log in on my machine at home.
  2. My roommate upgraded his HP touchscreen to 10 because he hated 8.0 so much. But he still can't get Pinnacle to work on it, his favorite video editing program. He has to use my machine (a 7.0 puppy) to mess with video using the pro's program Pinnacle... I would consider trying 10 again if they upgraded to full glass aero, provided an easy way to do away with any necessity to log-in, and made it possible to use important programs like Pinnacle.
  3. I had a terrible experience with Windows 10....after installing it my roommate's name came up under my photo (he has 8 and has hated it ever since he put it on his machine. Never knows how to log on). I knew something was wrong and so I rebooted. When it came back up it asked me to log in. I have never logged into my refrigerator, my hot water heater, my toaster, my electric tooth brush, or any other APPLIANCE in my home. Why should I have to log into this one? So I immediately took my HP Touchscreen back to the Geek Squad and had it returned to 7.0...
  4. Still unhappy on 2 accounts...not full aero implementation (see attached photo as in 7)... AND, I do not sign into my refrigerator, my toaster, my hot water heater, or any other APPLIANCE in my home. Why should I have to sign into this one? I have never done that before and is why I had to have the Geek Squad re-install 7 on my machine. Until 10 comes with an easy to turn off when installed bit for that I will remain with 7.