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  1. Are you just trying to create a new folder or shortcut on the desktop (which you can do by right click and select new and then fill in the info) or do you want to open "My Desktop" and see the view of folders, devices and drives and network folders so you can select a pgm and send to desktop as a shortcut? If that is what you are wanting then do this: Go to settings, select personalization, then themes. Under themes select Desktop icon settings. This shows the standard set of system icons to be placed on the desktop. Make sure a checkmark is off the computer desktop icons which will create a new icon. Rename My PC to something else. Then turn on the computer checkmark under desktop icons, click ok and leave settings. The new desktop icon for computer should show everything you are missing by just clicking on the icon. Then delete old My PC icon. Mine shows folders, devices and drives and network locations.
  2. I built a shortcut on the desktop which shuts my machine done totally - is this what you need?
  3. I had that problem (also a Dell machine) when I upgraded from 8.1 to W 10. The start menu would not come up and the monitor just had a continual blink on it. The problem was Norton Security. Uninstalled Norton, and everything was fine then. Installed latest version of Norton afterwards and it is still running fine today. Further research on Google seems to have several people with the same problem and cause seems to point to their anti virus program.. Suggest shutting down the anti virus program via safe mode and try it again.. Also, did you try a system restore prior to the problem?
  4. Did you check the Skype tools option on audio to ensure that it was set to your speakers?
  5. I have it as JediMode name on my system. Just created another folder as a test, then copied the name of JediMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} (don't use quotes) to the new folder after deleting the name of new folder in the properties name and it worked fine for me.. I am the admin on my machine..
  6. If you create your own greeting as a file named Windows Startup.wav - then go to Windows\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft-windows-shell-sounds-rest of name is gibberish and rename Windows Startup.wav to something else, then copy your Windows Startup.wav to that library and use control panel option sound selection sound and check the play windows startup sound that should do it. It has to be a wav file.
  7. I have installed Windows 10 on two laptops, one desktop and two tablets and removed all of the windows.old files without any problems.. don't plan on going back to previous releases which were windows 7 and windows 8.1 on all machines. Have had very few problems with any of the computers at this point.