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  1. Hi, everyone, I hope someone out there can help a very frustrated old fart . . . . . I had to send my 1 yr old laptop back to the tailor-made builders here in UK and they replaced the motherboard and upated the BIOS. All was well for a few days and then I had to perform a restart after a glitch with my email client. Restart resulted in the screen logo, then about 2 secs. of the wirling dots, then nothing!! Black screen and no response. Had to shut down and then start up again. Tried it again, same result. Contacted PC company - 'nothing to do with our hardware, must be Win 10 . . . . .' very helpful . . . . . Nothing on the web anywhere about this and MS Answer Desk could not be understood [we don't come across Pacific accents here and they are v. hard to understand, unfortunately]. Can anyone suggest a fix, please? Yours in hope . . . . Cheers, Tsunchke