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  1. My Windows 10 did an update on November 23, 2017, and ever since, I have been having nothing but problems with my Netgear AC1200 wireless network adapter. I have tried a number of things, even completely uninstalling the Netgear WiFi adapter's driver, and then re-installing it. I thought I had the problem fixed when I rebooted and there was no more red X, but then, after having the computer in sleep mode for about a day, that stinking red X returned by the WiFi symbol, I am at a loss for ideas, but know for a fact that the latest Nov. 23, 2017 update caused the problem. I can't stand having to keep going into the Device Manager and disabling/enabling the WiFi adapter to get the da-n WiFi (sonar) symbol to come back. And then even when it does come back, the Mbps are sh--ty (5-7, if I'm lucky). Can anyone help me to fix what Microsoft screwed up with their latest [burp] "UPDATE" [RASPBERRY] Disgusting . . . .