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  1. After a lot of reminders, updates are ready for your computer, quite a few updated and installed. 1703 I think it was, failed to install. Over a period of weeks I tried to down load it umpteen time. Always without success. Last week my wive closed the computer down as usual. Two to 2 hours later she remembered something and she had to start the unit up again On the screen was a lot of technical writing. I tried all permutation but no luck . I decided to the best thing would be do use all 5 recovery discs, after all the discs were used the message on the screen was, THERE IS A PROBLEM ON THE COMPUTER, COMPUTER COULD NOT BE RECOVERED ( words to that effect ) so I tried the Recovery stick this time 32GB exactly the same A useable computer was used for app. 2 hours shut down for app. 2 hours and on staring up discovered all we have now is a useless black box. Has anybody out there experienced anything like it and more to the point can it be repaired? The unit is mainly almost only used for email with friends and family abroad. Any suggestion would be very much appreciated Thanks Eric
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