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  1. Hey Andre. I did that in the past. And with last Fall Update, Windows desiabled this profile and just created a new profile. I don't know why. Now I have to create all this 20 Junctions-Links again. It's so much work now. I wish me the good old Windows 7 back! ;-) Greetings
  2. Hello, my SSD is only 128 GB. Not enough to work with a lot of files. Like on Windows 7 before, I tried to "move" my main user profile from my small SSD to my larger HDD. so I did this way: - Log in and log out briefly. - Under another profile doing this...... - copy this special profile to the HDD - here I use FastCopy with ACL option, which cioy all file permissions. - create with junction or mklink from C:\Users\Base (SSD) to D:\Users\Base (HDD) - and now login again with the base profile This has never been a problem with Windows 7 (and also with previou
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