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    Toshiba laptop wo't print Office 365 or 2010

    does not make much sense to me? my only thought would be to make sure the office programs are not defaulting to another print device you may have configured on the system. double checking how the -print command is carried out and that the correct printer is coming up default or is being selected, or perhaps reinstalling the printer in devices & printers?. I found this on Microsofts site, you are likely not alone here... >>"<<
  2. scttstrng

    Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4041676 ISSUE

    this is not good, it wont fix itself, and is an issue i have been dealing with on mom's computer. I fixed it once by reinstalling the OS & saving user files, in the process it set to default many of the systems settings, & also removed all programs not orig on the system. I can work with all that, and did, but now a week later the same issue... I thought I had a drive failing because the boot sector keeps failing? No it is not the drive more likely it is a MS issue. I do not believe there is a solid fix at this point as MS is still working to understand what is causing this issue. there are many things to try but think i will just hang thight for now? here are some of the links I have found on this so far:"ez3"&qs=SC&pq=innacessable+boot+device+windows+10&sk=SC1&sc=8-35&cvid=AC442C0E3FCB490398B93E372C617A8C&sp=2&qpvt=inaccessible+boot+device+windows+10+fix
  3. scttstrng

    Audio driver: no stereo mix, mic won't mute

    does not sound right? Ihave worked with the smartaudio HD program or app on a few systems mostly with luck but have had some odd issues. everything needs to be up to date and correctly configured, also that everything is "compatible" with the hardware, OS and drivers. the following links should get you in the right direction, these type of issues can be confusing as you will likely travel many paths of possibility toward your systems solution. just know there is an answer, and this is the best way to learn what is required, how it all ties together, & where all the settings are plus how to intereface future issues for your system. You should be able to access the configuration and properities of all your audio devices, plus mute anyone of them. also check which device is set as "default", in the past changing this in the audioHD app has caused sound issues or even no sound in some configurations i have played with. again you should have access to all audio device configs and properties, plus you want to see no "dings" in the device managers audio listings. I have experienced incompatibilities with this audio manager &win10 and I plain unstalled the app? Try to remove the program in add remove programs, " or managing apps," then install a fresh version downloaded from the developer. also make sure no other audio managment program or app is installed or running causing audio conflicts.... good luck friend >>"<<