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  1. The PC I am entering this query on will be deactivated after building a new PC including (MOBO, Processor, Memory, Video Card and HDDs). How do I move the Win 10 Pro license currently active to the new PC being built? If there is a URL with process please include. Thank you very much....
  2. I have given up on Master Browser functionality and turned on Win10 DLNA Server within Network Sharing. I am not using a home group. It appears that once activated the Server only looks in the Personal Folders of the active user's Music & Video folders. I have a rather large collection of music and video files residing on a Storage Pool on the same PC. How do I redirect the DLNA Server to find the music and video files within the Storage Pool rather than the \Users\user\Music or Video folders? Instead of C:\Users\user\Music or \Video redirect to for example: x:\volumename\music or y:\volumename\video Regards
  3. Just upgraded to Win10 1709 16299.19 and one of the first things I notice is a msg stating "Upgrade this pool to enable new features, such as optimizing drive usage and safely removing extra drives." Is this referencing the ReFS that is not being offered any longer in Win10 Pro but only in the new Win10 Workstation release? I'm resistant to doing anything to my HDDs that would effect my data. Anyone using Storage Pool with ReFS run across this after updating to 1709? Regards