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  1. Thanks for your feedback awaixjvd, Having spent a boring 4.5 hours in our site office (i couldn't walk away leaving my laptop unmonitored) downloading the files I'm really trying to avoid going there again! Just hoping someone else has had this problem and found a way out. Otherwise I will just stick with v1607. ?
  2. Last week I finally got the chance to download the Creators upgrade 1703. As I have very slow Wi-Fi here I went to our site office and sat there for over 4 hours while the files uploaded. As I've heard so many horror stories of laptops not working after upgrading to 1703 I delayed installing 1703 for 5 days until I had completed some important work and backed up. But now the upgrade option for 1703 no longer appears when I go to shut off my laptop, and - somewhat worryingly - there seems to be no way I can run it from Settings. The downloaded files of 4GB must be somewhere on my hard disk ... but where? I am now getting requests to download and install the October Cumulative upgrade for 1607. If I go ahead will I invalidate the 4GB of Creator files I downloaded? Help!
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