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  1. Wally in Calgary

    Missing OS

    I would really appreciate if anyone could help a novice repair this problem -- Thanks Wally
  2. Wally in Calgary

    Missing OS

    I had a problem with my wireless network when I got home after a week away. I was running the latest build of Win 10 Insider preview and it asked me if I wanted to reset my Network settings and I said yes. After a restart I go my Win 10 welcome screen but it would not let me put in my password numbers and would not load W 10. I decided to put my Win 7 Pro disk in to see if it could repair this. I ended up loading Win 7 again and that is the only option I get when booting. I lost my design files and everything on the Win 10 system as I cannot access them. I'm sure they are still on my hard drive but I cannot load Win 10. Is there anything I can try or ----- TIA. Wally