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  1. Thank you that was just what i needed to get that file tree larger.
  2. What brand of laptop to you have and how old is it? Did it ever have problems with Win8.1?
  3. I can't understand why we can't get more people to join this Win10 Forum. Seems there a lot on in10forums but they are not getting any real quality help. The Mods keep moving peoples posts and many who are giving advice are just doing a number on those in need of help. IMHO it is a very unhelpful win10 forum. I hope soon this forum will attract more Win10 users and get and give quality information.
  4. In Win10 anyone know how to increase, the size of the folders in the tree chain? I know how to get larger fonts and sizing in a browser but getting the that tree larger has eluded me.
  5. Well i removed the old program files on two ASUS G73 computers one had Win7 the other Win8.1 looks like both are back running well. Thanks for the help.
  6. Has anyone deleted the old Windows program files,after installing Win10?
  7. I have two ASUS Computers. G73SW from Win7pro to Win10 Win10 program 1size 18.7gb 92,424 files. Old Win 27.2gb 117.322 files. G73JH from Win 8.1 to Win10 program size 16.9gb 104.641 files. Old Win 16.466gb 138.595 files. Why the size differences in both program sizes and files? Any reason not to delete the old Windows files?
  8. Have installed Win10 on two ASUS Computers a G73JH running Win7 with ATI Graphic board and G73SW running win8.1 with NVIDIA Graphic board. Both upgraded to Win10 with no problems,and all files programs were still on systems. Everything worked on the G73JH ASUS but on the G73SW i had to reinstall the SONY Video software fro the SONY Web site for this computer to find the Sony camcorder. Also had to reinstall the ACROBATreader program. And the ROXIE Video 2011 Pro the screen resolution is yet to work with the editing part of software,still working on this item. But all in one i feel Windows10 is a real step forward from Windows8.1.