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  1. hi i installed window 10 about 5 days ago via the update method and have gone back to windows 7 and reinstalled twice since, the latest being yesterday 16/8/15. each time during the install, and ever since on all 3 installs, after restarts my laptop presents a black screen WITHOUT a cursor. the only way i can get to the desktop is to press the power button to put the laptop to sleep, then wake it again and hey presto there is my desktop and everything works. there is a lot online about black screen WITH cursor, which has some kind of fix, but it doesn't work on my problem. there is some suggestion that windows 10 is looking for a second or third monitor and if i had another monitor the desktop would be on that, but i'e tried all the suggestions for that, including changing the monitor default in the bios, but nothing works. any suggestions would be welcome.