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  1. An update - and closure - I have identified the problem as being that windows 10 has decided that many, but not all of my NTFS partitions should be marked as 'offline' - that is SOME of those that were connected at the time, and SOME of those that were not connected - either at that time, or as I connect them. The solution is - start up Windows 10 Storage Manager, and for each partition that is not recognised as being NTFS when the drive is connected - specify a drive letter, disconnect the drive, and then reconnect it! Simple once I had a backed-up drive to test with! - but copying 2TB is a slow process using USB-2 - had to do it as files as I don't have a free device for a partition copy And a happy rest of the weekend to all
  2. This is now more as an alert than for discussion - but I'm posting it to advise others and - maybe (hopefully get some advice) So Suddenly Windows 10 is not showing the folders and files from my backup drives - Well, not all of them, just most of them ! ?? I have been investigating - and have contacted the MS Chat-Line for a solution (Well that was several hours wasted - they replaced drivers initiated a restart and then I got to talk to somebody else and advise them of the problem and what their associate had done - and then pretty much repeat the experience.) So - the drives are seen show in the safely remove facility and in Storage Manager. Storage manager shows the partition as Healthy, just not as NTFS - which explains File Explorer not showing it. So - Using Paragon Recovery boot CD - Yes - partition is NTFS with files - so PC hardware is OK. So - Using Paragon Partition manager under win 10 - Yes - partition is NTFS with files - Definitely PC is OK. Using my backup PC - Win 7 - yes files are there and can be updated - so cable is OK too! So - I am now looking at backing up the data on a slow (USB-2) system - OK some drives are only USB-2. Then options are - change size of partition using paragon, next try Delete and Recover partition - with data recovered too I hope, Then maybe try change size using win 7 Then - if no luck - delete and recreate the partition as a NTFS one under win 10, and reload all the data! OR - hope windows 10 gets fixed (to be reliable ??) before I get much further into the copy of the data backups. OR - there is revert to win 7 - but has anyone got any other suggestions? - Please.
  3. Consider this the closure - Gave up and contacted a Microsoft Support technician He ran some tests and then re-imaged the OS - then ran some more fixit's including one for Windows Update that included some registry bits - well probably I didn't get to read what it was doing in the registry - Then he did some Windows service manipulation, and eventually some 3 hours later (Consider that the Win 7 to 10 upgrade took 7 hours on this system) The system seems to have been fixed without losing any settings. A brief list of 'things' I noted Created a Restore Point, ran sfc scannow - about 90 minutes ran dism /online / cleanup /image /restorehealth that installed Image 10.0.10240.16384 (another Hour) Restart and needed to link to the online chat line to get the technician to re-establish the link ( well he had probably got busy helping somebody else during my 2½ hours of boredom! So - basically, it's not a DIY job but needs MS technician involvement. Now - Defender - exclude its own folder and exclude the OS partition from scans - real-time should deal with any incoming or attempts to run malware, and I'll do a scan over each weekend. That will be following the backup and before I allow windows to do a restart for fixes installation. Ah! and maybe next will be implementing windows backups and File_Store to a frequently USB connected hard drive.
  4. Update 2 This morning windows update was waiting to install the new (well old now) definitions - and failed, but defender Update failure now attributes the problem to a "Connection failure" But, but, but - the fix has already been downloaded, nothing else is having (apparent) network problems and this PC is wired in at a rated up-to100Mb, that seems to provide over 75Mb whenever I have run anything of sufficient volume to have download rates shown. So - troubleshooter again - in admin mode and fix network problems - first run disappeared without letting me see any progress of result, retry stopped Bits and Cryptsvc - retarted Cryptsvc, and may have also done the bits service, now shows a Green Fixed. So - back to windows Defender for an update? Settings Windows Defender Use WIndows Defender Update tab - and select Update Windows defender reports Virus and spyware definitions couldn't be updated This App couldn't check for virus and spyware definition updates. Check your internet or network connections. And the panel behind this message still shows "Updating" Close the error and we are back to Connection Failed. Looks like its using the Troubleshooter link to ask MS staff what is needed to get the definition updates to install.
  5. An update - Completed the download an did a restart to install the update 3081449 installed and the Defender update failed again, but this time I was waiting and got the failure code 0x80070003 MS support forum indicates that I need to download and run the troubleshooter - Found the windows 10 version ( as opposed to the linked win8 version) http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/windows-update-troubleshooter Ran it , ran it as administrator, and It stopped at least 2 services and restarted CryptSvc - (well that's the one I got the name of) Reported Fixed in nice green font Ran the update again - and it failed - both in windows update and in Windows Defender. Well - There was a chance that it might have been the answer ...
  6. Windows Defender reports Definitions are uptodate, and that: The definitions were updated on the 27/Aug to v1.205.789.0 BUT Windows Update reports that KB2267602 definition v1.205.789.0 failed to install with error x0 .. System decides it's gonna hide that code before you can note it down. Also - when I exit, and go back into the Settings for Windows Update it seems that the download and install and restart 10 minutes ago didn't pick-up KB3081448 - and it's downloading that now! So - it's off to the Update History - Er - it reports that KB3081449 was successfully installed - that's the one after wot it is getting now Ah! - no error codes on the failed to install ones - and not only is KB2267602 (Definition 1.205.789.0) a failure, but apparently so was the the KB2267602 (Definition 1.205.789.0) that Windows Defender is reporting it is actually using and KB2267602 (Definition 1.205.538.0) and KB2267602 (Definition 1.205.538.0) But KB2267602 (Definition 1.205.524.0) is apparently the last definition to install successfully So - does anyone (Including MS staff!) know what settings to set to get shown the error code, or even better to have the updates NOT FAIL
  7. You have probably set the link to the email held by gmail to keep the email on your PC synchronised with gmail. That means that deleting 'stuff' or moving it to new folders on your local (PC) store will have the effect echoed onto the Gmail store, and doing things with it on the gmail store will be echoed on your local store. The 'in-vogue' idea is that you should maintain and manage the email on the gmail server using any of your 'devices' to access that email account. So - check the synchronisation options on your PC, and - on the Gmail server. It may be appropriate to de-synchronise the account, create a new account in your local email (POP3) facility on your PC, copy all the things you want to keep from the previously synchronised) account to folders under the new local account,. do any management ton the gmail store that you do not want synchronised with the local store, and then re-synchronise the account's local and Gmail managed store. Also remember that if you are using POP3 to maintain a non-synchronised local store, than messages downloaded will normally be set to not download to any other device linking in, unless you set the local account links to keep copies for download to other devices accounts. Sorry for the imprecise wording - I do not run a Gmail account, or win10 mail so cannot get the links you should use