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  1. I stumbled into the solution, and could not figure things out since there weren't any entries in my startup directory. Yet each time the computer rebooted, skype for business would try to load even though I wasn't using Skype. So I thought I would post the answer here. If you right click on the Task Bar, you will see a startup tab. Open this tab. You will notice that you can enable or disable each entry in the list. I simply disabled Skype in the table. To find out where Skype was running from, if you right click on the entry (in my case Skype) you can also Open the File Location.
  2. Yes Thunderbird is my default program when I operate from the Desktop. It is only when I open Edge and want to "share" say a web page - Edge is defaults to the email address associated with and opens Outlook.com instead of Thunderbird on my local computer.
  3. While I understand the "why" Microsoft wants users to sign in when using say Edge, as part of my upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I find that I am not able to email while running Edge. In windows 7 I enjoyed being able to email something of interest to others using my default email client (in my case thunderbird). Is there a way to have Edge use my local email client rather than forcing me to use my Microsoft email address? My local email client already has all of my contacts present - where my on line one does not. I really don't care to put all of my email contacts on my Microsoft email account. The other reason why I would like to use my local email client is for some reason even when I do use my Microsoft Email on line account, sending emails from this on line accounts "fail". Thanks.
  4. I really like Windows 10. My upgrade from Win 7 went somewhat smoothly. Overall quite pleased. One area that I would like to figure out - is how to keep Skype for Business from loading on each reboot. I had skype on my Windows 7 from long ago but never used it. I uninstalled Skype under Windows 10, but each time I boot the computer, Skype for Business loads. I don't know how this came about and since my laptop doesn't sit on a domain, I am not sure why it even loads. Does anyone know how to disable Skype For Windows from booting up? I is not in my startup folder and if I try and close it down - Skype for Windows stays running. I have found articles setting security options that relate to Blocking Microsoft accounts, but these don't prevent the loading of Skype for Business.